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Rental Program

Rental Program

Scottsdale Camelback Resort (SCR) and the Scottsdale Camelback Resort Owners Association, Inc., (SCRHOA) provides a Rental Program (the Program) option to its owners/members and retains a Real Estate Broker, licensed by the State of Arizona, to oversee that Program. Individual owners are under no obligation to utilize the SCRHOA Program. The essence of the Program is as follows:

An individual SCRHOA member wishing to become involved with the Program are required to execute a 10-year agreement provided by SCRHOA. That Agreement provides certain conditions, restrictions and reservations (RA-CC&Rs) which establish the business relationship between SCRHOA and the individual member. Because that agreement is a lengthy legal document, the 10-year term is designed to avoid the substantial cost of executing such an agreement on a year-by-year basis. Six of the primary RA-CC&Rs are:

  • (a) The member must activate the agreement in writing for any individual year they wish to place their Interval in the Program,
  • (b) If the member does activate the agreement for a specific year, the owner may not rent the use period using any other method.
  • (c) SCRHOA establishes the rental prices,
  • (d) SCRHOA holds out no guarantee that an actual rental will be achieved and
  • (e) If a rental is achieved, the owner will receive 70% of the actual proceeds (net of applicable taxes and other incidental costs) within 45 days of the departure of the occupying guest.
  • (f) SCRHOA is under no obligation to notify the member of any rental or non-rental. Member may inquire of the Rental Program Broker of the current status of the rental at any time during normal business hours.

There are several other important RA-CC&Rs which are part of the Program. If any individual owner wishes to obtain a copy of the full Program Agreement and an outline of the full Program itself, they may do so by stopping in at SCR and requesting said copy from the Manager on Duty or by contacting the Administrative Assistant to the Broker via phone at 480-947-3300 ext 502, via fax at 480-947-6853 or via e-mail at

SPECIAL NOTE: The Administrative Assistant does not have access to the status of any existing program agreement and thus will not be able to answer any such inquiry. Owners wishing to obtain status information should follow the directions found in the copy of their specific agreement.

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